Significance of the programs

Experience the world-class ocean of Okinawa

Majority of tourists visiting Okinawa expect the “beautiful ocean” and “marine sports”.
We are the first organization to combine and develop coral reef conservation program and marine sports to meet the expectations from the tourists.


Participant Needs 1

Most people visiting Okinawa expect beautiful ocean of Okinawa

Participant Needs 2

Many people visiting Okinawa are interested in marine sports

Company Needs 3

Experience based learning program about coral reefs

MICE programs meet all the expectations

Snorkel and Outside Coral Reef Planting Program

Glass bottom boat ride and Indoor Coral Planting Program

Trial Diving and Outside Coral Planting Program

Indoor Coral Planting Program

Tourist Expectation Survey conducted by Prefecture of Okinawa in 2015

Research by Okinawa Prefecture 2015
Expectation Rate of Visiting Okinawa
High expectation No expectation
The beauty of Ocean 82.3% 16.2%
Sports, Leisure 49.8% 34.4%
What is Expected from trip to Okinawa
Swim in the Ocean, Marine Sports 69.6%
Scuba diving 86.5%
Satisfaction rate
Very Satisfied Moderately Satisfied
Sports and Leisure 50.9% 39.4%
The beauty of Ocean 50.3% 42.2%
Memorable activities from visiting Okinawa
Very satisfied Moderately satisfied
Sports, marine leisure 69.4% 28.1%
Scuba diving 70.9% 25.1%

Gaining knowledge from our MICE programs


We offer meaningful programs to train individuals to positively tackle environmental problems through coral reefs.


Important Roles of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are the foundation of the ecosystem in the ocean.

Rich fishery resources

Protection of the coast.

Coral Reef Crisis

Due to irregular seasonal typhoons, the ocean temperature rises that causes the coral bleaching, outbreak of crown of thorns, (the natural enemies of coral reefs) and water pollution.

What it means to conserve coral reef

It is said that it will take more than ten years for natural forces to turn damages of coral reefs into healthy coral reefs as before. Corals grow by incorporating carbon dioxide into their body. The amount of carbon dioxide hold in corals is about twice the amount that forest holds.


While enjoying the beautiful ocean of Okinawa as leisure, studying coral and experiencing planting coral can give you opportunity to realize how important coral reefs are in ocean.